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Sino-Globalis a solution provider for the entire logistics chain.
Sino-Global listed on the NASDAQ On May 21, 2008 and the stock symbol is
After the listing, our shipping agent service business has expanded to Australia,
Canada, Hong Kong, and multiple ports in China.
In 2013, with the decline of the shipping market, we started to provide specialized
solutions to the problems customers encountered in the trucking.At the same time, we gradually shifted the main business from China to the United States. Taking
advantage of our own strengths and rich resources, we have made the overall
supply chain logistics between China and the United States link smoothly in
different legal systems and geographical cultures.
In 2017, SINO added freight forwarding services and container trucking services. At the end of the same year, SINO launched anonline transport platform to solve the
door-to-door transport problem between China and the US so as to better achieve  
the seamless connection of logistics part in supply chain.
SINO's long-term goal is to utilize expertise and rich resources to provide customized solutions and high quality service to global supply chain logistics.
Our Concept

We are deeply convinced that as long as we can unite as one, work hard, be    
loyal and faithful, constantly strive for improvement, keep up with the times,   
and develop a harmonious and beneficial relationship with the community  
and society, we will be able to continue growing and remain competitive in 
the  future. The source of our strength comes from our wise, innovative,
professional and cooperative employees.

Our confidence comes from consistent high standards of quality

SINO aspires to excellence in service, committed to providing customers with the best goods, information and  

capital flows. Whether it is an expansion of basic services or an innovation of new logistics models, SINO is 

actively involved in those fields and happy to share the results with every customer. Regardless of whether the 

client's needs are simple or complex, SINO will achieve the client's expectations with the highest quality products, the most stringent controls, and the best service.

Why Choose Us
We conduct our business primarily through our wholly-owned subsidiaries in
China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and New York.
Quality Service

Rich Export Trade Experience

Complete after-sales service

Since its inception, the company has always carried out

business around the foreign trade sector and accumulated a lot of experience on foreign trade business. With our

in-depth knowledge of supply chain management and outstanding logistics experts, the company has keen insight

in judging and forecasting industry dynamics and trends.   Through years of efforts, the company has won the trust

of customers in the logistics, and it has established a

long-term cooperation relationship with many of its


The company has a perfect after-sales service

system for our customers to provide quality

after-sales service, making customers worry-free.

Our high quality, all-round after-sales service stems from our confidence in quality. We require

ourselves to a high standard, providing you with the safest and most convenient solutions, so that you

can rest assured to choose our services.

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